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ORS Group

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ORS Overview

Industry Leaders

ORS Group provides a wide range of end to end business solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, with exceptional technical strengths in data capture and character recognition technologies. Our services are targeted at helping businesses to better manage and streamline their data and business processes to achieve significant cost reductions and improved operational efficiencies.

Ask the Experts

Using a consultative approach with a highly skilled team, ORS works with organisations on a daily basis to demonstrate how financial transaction automation and business process outsourcing can drive efficiency gains and reduce costs in many back-office process areas. Drawing on proven expertise built up over a number of years, ORS will map out your current processes identifying specific areas where cost savings could be realised in addition to time and efficiency gains, enabling us to mirror your current processes at significantly lower costs.

Striving for Excellence

Using the latest technology available ORS delivers unbeatable service to our customers. Our consistently high performance levels and reputation for first class service and efficiency, enables us to deliver excellent business value to the companies we work with. We constantly strive for improvement by being supported by various ISO & quality programmes, including full compliance with BIP and BS standards and codes of practice.

Transforming Business Across the UK

Working with a wide portfolio of companies within many different sectors, ORS has helped to transform hundreds of organisations across the UK by lowering their operational costs, improving performance and re-focusing their resources into core business activities through providing a range of end to end solutions. ORS has built long-term, collaborative relationships with all of its existing customers due to the reliable, efficient and professional service we provide.

An Award Winning Company

Our fresh and innovative approach to document management has been recognised in the Document Manager Awards for the last three years, achieving ‘Website of the Year’ in 2010; ‘Compliance Product of the Year’ in 2011 for our bespoke software product ‘HousingDocs’, which was designed specifically for the housing sector and more recently in 2012 ORS was awarded the 'Business Process Outsourcing Bureau of the Year'. We are proud to be part of this select group of winners, which includes multi-national companies such as Fujitsu, Kodak and IMBL, confirming our status within this industry.

ORS Group remains at the forefront of the document management sector providing a high quality, professional and expert service and as the leading provider within this industry, our history and reputation of outstanding performance means there is no better company to trust your document management projects with than ORS.

ORS, the UK's Leading Provider of Document Management Solutions

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