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Forms Data Capture

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ORS Forms Data Capture Service

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ORS Forms Capture Service

ORS Forms Capture Service

Forms Scanning & Data Capture Service:

Reduce your bottom line costs

Most organisations appreciate the benefits of converting paper documents into electronic format, so the next logical step is to use technology to eliminate manual data entry from the business process, saving time and cost.

ORS Data Capture Services: cost-effective, easily implemented

forms data capture

With data capture solutions from ORS, your business can:

ORS Data Capture Services; minimum effort, low up-front costs

Traditional manual data capture is time-consuming, labour-intensive and prone to errors; electronic form capture is not! Using the latest Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) software, ORS can capture a wide range of data from almost any of your business formatted documents, including customer surveys, application forms and expenses claims, eliminating the need for error-prone manual keying.

ORS data extraction services: the data you want, how you want it

Since each data capture application has its own service level agreement, you can clearly specify what information should be extracted, from header information to full line item detail. The resulting data can be available in a matter of hours, not days, and can be delivered via secure encrypted media or secure FTP, ready for integration into a variety of back-end office systems.

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