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document scanning

March 12th, 2015

Document scanning prices are often advertised on-line, but unfortunately these can be rather misleading and you should be very cautious when approaching these suppliers. Prices obtained from suppliers using a quick quote system that gives you a price at the end of it can once again be misleading. The reason for this is that until...

Back Scanning


March 9th, 2015

Back scanning is a term often used to describe the process involved in scanning a significant paper archive. Customers looking for a “back scan” will normally either have hundreds of boxes in storage off site with a records management company or simply have storage boxes distributed throughout the company over numerous departments. Either way the...

Document Management Systems Explained

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March 4th, 2015

A document management system(DMS) or electronic document management system(EDMS) is a sophisticated piece of software used to manage digital documents or digital images. The digital images have often originated from a paper source and will have been scanned into the system. The main function of document management systems is to track, manage and store documents....

Document Scanning App – PaperScan

March 3rd, 2015

    Version 2 of the document scanning app – PaperScan 2.0 is now available from DocuWare for both Apple and Android platforms. You can scan invoices, expenses, in fact almost any type of document can be scanned on this newly revised scanning app. Once converted to black and white, even creased notes can be...

Data Protection Act(DPA) Compliance and Paper Records


February 26th, 2015

Data protection is an issue that affects all companies regardless of size. Over recent years the incidences of hacking, data breaches and data theft have increased at an alarming rate. All organisations in the UK must comply with the Data Protection Act(DPA) and any organisation in breach will face a serious penalty. In 2014, BPAS...

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