Docuware - Document Management Software

DocuWare is the industry leader in electronic document management software.

Document Management Software

Are you still relying on paper documents? Have you even considered the environmental impacts? There are huge inefficiencies and costs associated with buying, using and storing paper. DocuWare document management software is the answer.

Docuware can help automate the entire process of capturing, organising, accessing, viewing, collaborating, updating, integrating and customising your entire process.

DocuWare stores all your documents in digital filing cabinets within a central “document pool.” Only authorised employees can immediately access the information they need, regardless of the original source or format. Anytime, anywhere and using almost any digital device.

Benefits of DocuWare

  • Worldwide inter-departmental access to all documents with one click
  • Simple integration in third party applications
  • Seamless and transparent business processes, increases productivity
  • Boosts employee satisfaction by eliminating wasteful searches
  • Tamper free archiving
  • Frees up storage space
  • Email integration
  • Mobile access
  • Advanced OCR
  • Full back office integration