ORS Group and Affinity Sutton Group Put Customer Service First With HR Records Consolidation Project


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The Affinity Sutton Group is one of the largest groups of housing associations in England and has a 100 year history.

The Group manages over 55,000 homes, has plans for a further 7,000 homes over the next three years and has recently embarked on a major £980 million development programme.

When the Affinity Sutton Group implemented a new customer service drive, they soon realised that swift document retrieval for their service team was vital.

HR Records

With over 3,000 calls received by the team each day, fast and easy access to business documents was key to ensuring all enquiries were dealt with quickly and efficiently.

In addition, with over 1,500 personnel spread across several group companies and locations, consolidation of their HR Records was also a priority.


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The Solution

ORS implemented a comprehensive back archive and ongoing scanning programme to ensure important documents and files would always be available via the company’s Civica EDM system – as well as being securely backed up in case of disaster.

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ORS implemented a two-phase solution:

Phase 1

Affinity Sutton’s thirty-strong customer service team needed all the vital information at their fingertips in order to reduce call turnaround times and deliver accurate responses to enquiries. ORS therefore collected key documents such as the HR records and property files from the various Affinity Sutton offices, providing a secure service from client site to scanning facility.

Phase 2

The documents were then sorted, scanned and key retrieval index fields created. All electronic images and index information were then returned to Affinity Sutton for upload onto the Civica EDM system.

“The key to the centralisation project was to create a ‘less paper’ office. Using the skills of ORS to scan the large volumes of documents for upload onto the Civica EDM software has helped us meet this vision. The customer service team now has quick access to any documents they may need to bring about a fast and efficient answer to customer queries.”

Mike Yarde, Director of IMS, Affinity Sutton

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