Barclays Logo75,000 Employee Files Scanned for Barclays in Ongoing Live File Capture Project

ORS have been providing live file capture and on-going mailroom services to the HR, Pensions, retail and payment processing departments at Barclays for over 10 years. During that time we have completed a number of one off live file capture projects and live mailroom scanning applications. Over this period we have scanned the following for the HR department:

  • 75,000 Employee Files (over 10 million documents) — Initial UK Live Capture Project(HR)
  • 1,500,000 Pensions Files — Initial UK Live Capture Project (HR)
  • 50,000 Employee Files — Capture of Goldfish HR Files (HR)
  • 10,000 Monthly Mail Items — On going mail handling for 120,000 UK Employees (10,000 employee files handled monthly) (HR)

ORS currently handles the classification and capture of 122 doc types for all UK employees including all inbound post, faxes and email from employees and retail branches directly.

Employee Files

We currently manage the following workflow and business rules for the following document types:

  • Staff References
  • Staff Benefits (Health & Wealth)
  • Payroll Submissions
  • Siebel Workflow Tasks (Change of name, maternity/paternity pay)
  • HR Daily Faxes
  • HR Daily Post
  • New HR Files
  • References
  • Investment Banking & Wealth Investment HR Files
  • Leavers Documents
  • TUPE Files
  • Cleanse Leavers Files
  • Redundancies
  • Health files from AXA
  • New starter packs

In order to complete these tasks ORS currently have direct access to and are authorised to operate the following systems:


  • SAP
  • Siebel CRM
  • IBM FileNet
  • Opentext IXOS
  • Opentext Live Link

ORS Staff have the ability to complete data entry, creation of workflows and uploading of documents and data directly to all of these core systems.

We currently provide capture and mailroom services to other departments within the Bank due to the flexible nature of our BPO services.

Barclays Bank have been able to reduce their HR headcount by 44% as a direct result of processes being outsourced to ORS.


Fast Facts

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