CDS - Co-operatives - A DocuWare Case Study A DocuWare Case Study – Cloud EDM at CDS Co-operatives

CDS Co-Operatives (registered as The Co-Operative Development Society Ltd) is a co-operative controlled by its members. As a registered provider of social housing they are eligible for social housing grants to develop new homes.

CDS Co-Operatives provide a range of services to tenants, leaseholders and client co-operatives to help control their homes. These include such things as housing development and project admin, accounting, financial planning and management, repairs, maintenance, education and training and property management.

As part of a drive to improve value for money for customers and clients, CDS came to ORS Group to assist with a move to a smaller shared office set up in Great Dover Street, London. Moving to a smaller office with an open plan environment could mean only one thing – no more paperwork, no more filing cabinets.

CAN Mezzanine

With so much spare space over 4 floors in their old premises the paperwork had built up and filing was done in the most traditional way. The challenge put to ORS Group was to scan all the paper archives and make them accessible to all relevant parties.

Timescales for the office move were tight, so ORS Group had to act fast – collecting the documents and getting them into the scanning facility as quickly as possible. While the scanning was moving forwards, the planning and implementation of DocuWare Cloud began.

CDS selected ORS Group as their partner for this project because of the ability to provide both quality in house scanning services and also because of their expertise in delivering DocuWare Cloud. DocuWare Cloud has rapidly become THE cloud platform of choice for enterprise content and document management.

CDS were particularly impressed by the extensive features the DocuWare Cloud offered for such an affordable monthly cost. Add to this the unlimited number of users and storage that can easily be extended by the Gigabyte if required.

The project was delivered on time with CDS moving into their new near paper free offices in December 2015.

CDS now have the ability to scan incoming post daily and allocate it to the staff member for action. Individuals can also access tenant documents via mobile phone, tablet or PC. DocuWare Cloud has been configured to allow access to the digital documents based on each users individual requirements or level of authority.

This installation is another example of how well DocuWare Cloud works in the social housing sector. We are continuing to see a significant uptake from housing associations as the pressure to save space, protect data, meet data compliance requirements and become “paper free” or “paper light” increases.