CSC Scan and Capture HR FilesORS Group Scan and Capture 7000 Live HR Files for American Multinational CSC

As part of an EMEA shared service centre project, CSC UK had a requirement to scan and capture 7,000 live UK employee files and convert 3,500 employee e-files before the shared service centre opened.

ORS Group completed the following for the 7,000 paper files:


  • Categorised 7,000 paper files into 43 different document types
  • Weeded documents from all document types based on age, removing documents that had expired
  • Captured each document within the file individually
  • Indexed the date of every document
  • Convert to XML script ready for upload to Aconso’s EDM Solution
  • Encrypt data and physically transport data to CSC UK offices
  • Securely remove all electronic records and databases from our systems

After the files had been processed by ORS, their size had been reduced from 250 documents to 40 and all file retention policies had been established with only live information loaded to the system. The project took 3 months to complete due to the very heavy file preparation, classification and weeding required.

In addition ORS Group also handled the 3,500 e-files from Lotus Notes, which included:


  • Converting all documents to agreed PDFA standard from various file types
  • Classifying images into 43 document types
  • Capturing the date where information was missing
  • Weeding documents that are too old for the files
  • Converting to XML script ready for upload to Aconso’s EDM Solution
  • Securely removing all electronic data and databases from our systems

As part of the project, ORS Groups facilities, processes and policies came under strict review from the internal CSC UK Data Protection and Information Security team. ORS passed this first in 2009 and again in 2012. These tests included full penetration testing of our environment by CSC.

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