ORS Engineer A Solution For Dalkia’s Worksheets

Dalkia - document scanning and indexing case study

Dalkia had used ORS for their document management, microfilming, document scanning and indexing already. Now they set ORS a new challenge: to streamline data capture of their Engineering Work Sheets and Purchase Cards accurately and reduce their daily processing costs.

ORS came up with a solution that began with the redesign of the Engineering Work Sheets (EWS), allowing efficient data capture with OCR software and captured data to be uploaded direct into Oracle Financials software.

The subsequent redesign of the Purchase Cards (P cards) now allows both invoicing and engineer payments to be fully automated, without the need for any manual data entry.

Dalkia employs hundreds of engineers to maintain and service over 40,000 client sites across the UK. The engineers operate from seven regional centres and use the Engineering Work Sheets (EWS) to log details about each job undertaken. The Purchase Card (P Card) form is used when the engineers need to purchase additional spares locally, in order for a job to be completed.

In the past, both the EWS and P cards were sent to the regional office, where the data was manually entered into their finance system, to create a client invoice and reimburse the engineer. Dalkia not only required the streamlining of this system, but wished to centralise it at their Portsmouth head office without requiring any additional staff to manage it.

“The ORS solution is now allowing us to look towards linking all documentation around any contract number. This will give us the ability to locate any information to answer queries more quickly and improved customer service is what we all strive for.”

The Solution

ORS evaluated the specific issues around the EWS and P cards, and the smart solution suggested was not only more efficient, it was also highly cost effective. Working closely with Dalkia, ORS completely re-designed the EWS form, allowing critical data to be extracted easily and quickly by automated forms capture software. Now engineers simply send their EWS and P card receipts to the regional office, which sends them on to a dedicated PO Box at the ORS Digital Mailroom.

Once received, the forms are logged into the production control system with their regional code. The EWS is scanned and the data extracted, such as contract number, time worked, and travel times. The process also produces a digital image of each EWS.

The P cards are prepared in batches relating to each contract number, and scanned for information such as engineer surname, contract project number, value, date and supplier.

“Since we started processing the EWS and P Cards with ORS, the efficiency gains have been significant. ORS took time to understand our requirements and then implemented a solution which has proven to give us even more benefits than we had anticipated.”

Martin Holt, Finance Director, Dalkia

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