Delphi TechnologiesDelphi Technologies is best known for being a leading provider of automotive emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket provider.

Delphi Technology is on a mission to “become the worlds leading supplier of innovative, value focused emission, fuel, and aftermarket solutions”.

Now they have another mission … Delphi’s focus on efficiency has now turned inward and they wanted to look at how they could improve the efficiency of their work place while at the same reducing their carbon footprint.

Delphi’s Motivation:

  • Too much time was being taken up by staff members having to ferry documents around the office for sign off or to file.
  • Copious quantities of digital files were being printed and stored as in lever arch files as copies for staff member to access, leading to unwanted printing costs.
  • File cabinets are taking up enormous amounts of space in each office that could be used for more productive purposes.
  • Documents stored onsite are always at risk of being lost or stolen or worse destroyed in a fire, with GDPR looming this could result in not just a loss of data but large fines for the company.

Mission a go…

Delphi contacted ORS Group along with other scanning providers to put together a solution that would help them solve their key issues listed above.

With over 30 years’ experience in providing BOTH Secure Document Scanning and Electronic Document management systems ORS Group were uniquely positioned to help Delphi increase its work place efficiency.

The Solution

ORS Group decided to take one area of the business (HR) to show Delphi how to maximise time efficiency within their staff base, free up office space and ensure their documents were GDPR compliant.

We started by introducing DocuWare Cloud as a Document management system to store 3,500 files that were being prepared by ORS Group to be scanned.

  • The DocuWare Cloud system is accessed via a web browser and makes for quick and simple access from anywhere in the world from any device.
  • Users credentials in the system are managed via Active Directory and integrated with DocuWare permissions to allow for the complete control and functionality of all users.
  • DocuWare has full document retention built into the system allowing for automatic compliance with internal and external data governance.
  • Documents can be scanned directly into the system by staff members and sent on to other members of staff that have the correct permissions to read or amend the documents.

The electronic file capture of Muller’s live HR files would naturally be handled by the ORS Group document scanning facility. ORS Groups’ technical team would draw on experiences from similar scanning projects undertaken for organisations including Barclays, HSBC and PepsiCo.

Mission Success

With the introduction of DocuWare cloud and ORS Groups secure scanning services Delphi are now able to:

  • Pass documents around their UK based offices securely without having to move, saving valuable staff time and allowing them to focus or more important tasks.
  • Take digital copies of a file and store directly into DocuWare removing the need to print and file.
  • Use the space taken up by filing cabinets now securely scanned and stored in DocuWare to use for more productive purposes.
  • Peace of mind around the secure access & GDPR compliance of their HR files.