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East Thames Group Achieve Paper Light Objective Via Paper Files Scanning Project

The East Thames Group are one of the largest providers of affordable housing in London and Essex. With over 13,000 homes to manage in the social housing sector and a further 1,500 in development, plus a foundation funding social exclusion projects.

When they decided to move to new offices, the last thing they wanted to do was fill their new space with boxes of paper files.

It was equally important for the service team to have quick access to the information contained in the files during the move.

East Thames Group Achieve Paper Light Objective Via Paper Files Scanning Project

In line with their paper-light goal to reduce the amount of paper documents the group used, East Thames chose ORS to scan the back archive and ensure all images could be uploaded into their Civica Electronic Document Management (EDM) system.

The East Thames Group comprises of four subsidiaries, all of which deal with socially disadvantaged people, and hence generate considerable quantities of confidential and personal data. In line with their ‘Paper-Light’ goal, simply moving and storing their existing paper files was not an option. So, the East Thames Group first sought out a secure document management system, and chose the Civica Electronic Document Management (EDM) & Workflow system.

ORS, as a preferred scanning partner of Civica with fifteen years of experience within the social housing sector, were a natural choice for the East Thames Group to carry out the scanning and indexing of over 2 million documents and to then upload them into the Civica EDM system.

The Solution

ORS implemented a comprehensive back archive and ongoing scanning programme to ensure important documents and files would always be available via the company’s Civica EDM system – as well as being securely backed up in case of disaster.

ORS staggered the scanning process into four phases:

Phase 1 – Finance (Giro’s, rent batches, bank statements, cashiers sales invoices and credit notes)
Phase 2 – Tenancy & Property files
Phase 3 – Development & Asset
Phase 4 – HR & Care Homes

East Thames Group

With the actual document sorting and scanning taking place at ORS’ facilities in Hampshire, the East Thames Group could continue with their office move unhampered by boxes of files, freeing up over 800sq ft of office space.

Through the service provided by ORS, the East Thames Group have not only gained additional office space, they have also achieved their ‘Paper-Light’ objective and now benefit from the considerable time savings of efficient and effective document retrieval via the Civica EDM system.

“We needed to reduce the amount of paper being used within the corporate services departments. Taking paper files with us to the new head office was not an option. We had committed ourselves to the “Paper-Light” project and I am delighted that the combined ORS and Civica solutions have allowed us to achieve our goal.”

Stephen Clark, Business Services Project Manager, East Thames Group

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