fia-foundation-logoFIA Foundation – Documents Securely Scanned and Stored in DocuWare Cloud

The FIA Foundation is a UK registered charity with its headquarters in central London. The charity supports an international program of activities to promote road safety, sustainable mobility and the environment. It also funds research into motor sport safety. Established in 2001, it was started with a with a donation of $300 million made by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Like many organisations, the FIA Foundation had a growing archive of important historical documents. The documents were stored in the basement at the London headquarters. As with any in house storage there are always concerns over security, fire and flood risk. On top of this, accessing the documents was becoming a real effort for the staff. Spending time looking through boxes only to find a document was actually on someone elses desk was clearly an inefficient way of working.

FIA Foundation - Archive Scan and DocuWare Cloud install

The FIA Foundation approached ORS Group to provide a project plan to securely scan their archive over a number of weeks. On top of this the FIA Foundation wanted to work smarter with their documents so using DocuWare Cloud was suggested. DocuWare Cloud offers so much functionality for such a low cost, it made immediate sense.

ORS were able to install and configure DocuWare Cloud whilst the archive scanning was taking place. Once the scan was complete, further setup changes could be made a documents loaded in. This was all done in he background with no disruption to FIA Foundation staff. The project could then be presented to the FIA staff members allowing them to start using the features of DocuWare after just a small amount of training.

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