ForFarmersForFarmers Scan HR Leavers Files is an internationally operating animal feed company with its headquarters based in Lochem in the Netherlands. ForFarmers offer conventional and organic livestock farming feed solutions. 

With sales of approximately 9.3 million tons of feed annually, ForFarmers is the market leader in Europe. ForFarmers has production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom. In 2016, ForFarmers had 2,273 employees and revenues amounted to over € 2.1 billion.

ForFarmers contacted ORS Group with a requirement to scan HR leavers files and payroll documents due to a departmental consolidation exercise. Documents were collected using our securely tracked vans and safely returned to our secure facility in Hampshire.

Once scanned and indexed, the new digital documents were returned to the customer and uploaded into their own systems. Even if you already have an HR system, scanning your paper HR Files is hugely beneficial and can provide the missing efficiency link for your department.

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