Halton Housing Trust is a not for profit housing association managing 7000 homes in the Cheshire towns of Runcorn and Widnes. A forward-thinking association and at the for-front for innovation both internally and the way they manage properties and look after their tenants.

One of Halton’s internal goal’s has been to become as paperless as possible. Moving to the new purpose-built head office at the end of 2017, Halton didn’t have any paperwork to transport and take up valuable space. Staff are encouraged to work from home, hot desk and use the open office that had been designed for increased productivity and more pleasurable working environment.

A paperless office with DocuWare Electronic Document Management (EDM)

Electronic documentation is readily available to staff wherever they are via the DocuWare electronic document management system, supplied by ORS Group who have also captured all legacy files into the system which is linked to the Aareon housing management system.

The last piece in the puzzle was to stop paperwork being sent to their office from customers, tenants and suppliers. ORS Group were asked to incorporate the same digital mailroom service used for HSBC and Nuffield Health for the Housing Association.

A project was trailed, tested and put into practice to electronically capture the incoming mail. All paper invoices, brochures, letters & legal documentation, were re-directed to the ORS digital mailroom.

Images are scanned and directly loaded daily into the EDM system for departments, with complete visibility and transparently for staff and managers alike.

This process guarantees the safety of the business-critical documentation, provides a backup of images at the first instance and an audit trail form the moment it hits the association.

The entire process will be moved to the cloud in early 2018 for a truly paperless and digital working environment.