Housing & Care 21 Utilise ORS Group Document Scanning BureauHousing_and_Care_21_Trans

Formed in 1964 as part of the Royal British Legion – Housing & Care 21 is a social enterprise for older people. Their ethos is “We believe later life should be happy and fulfilling.” They are a major provider of retirement housing in England for rent and ownership, a leader in extra care housing and are one of the largest care providers in England. Housing & Care 21 are a driving force in the development of dementia services and specialist older peoples mental health services.

Housing & Care 21 Utilise ORS Group Document Scanning Bureau

Housing & Care 21 is the UK’s largest non profit care provider and a national leader in providing innovative, affordable housing for older people. Now employing over 6500 members of staff, with over 28,000 customers and an annual turnover in excess of £200 million.

Housing 21 New Development

ORS Group have been working with Housing & Care 21 for the last 10 years. During this time we have completed scanning work for the finance, HR and legal departments at our document scanning bureau. More recently Housing & Care 21 have started a relocation project from three sites including Beaconsfield, Cirencester and Edgbaston to a centralised office at Tricorn House in Birmingham.

As part of this relocation project over 12,000 HR and 16,500 tenant files along with other documentation were scanned at the secure ORS Group document scanning bureau.  In total, around 2.5 million images were carefully prepared, scanned, indexed and uploaded. The files were categorised into document type with different levels of access granted to staff depending authority level. Less storage space is now required at the new office and staff have instant access to their business critical documents.

Online files are secure, backed up and have audit trails as well as retention times added at point of entry to the EDM system. This allows Housing & Care 21 to get that step closer to the paperless working environment.

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