ORS Group Help KCTMO With Relocation And Electronic Document Management Upload

Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) is responsible for the management of nearly 10,000 properties on behalf of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.



KCTMO has implemented a company-wide electronic document management system, as part of its move to new offices in West London and to remove the cost and access inefficiencies of storing enormous volumes of paper documents.

KCTMO were required to vacate their main office in Kensington by June 2010 and therefore needed to significantly reduce the amount of paper documents in preparation for their move to the new premises.

ORS Helps KCTMO With Relocation And Electronic Document Management Upload

The storage of hard copy paper files was becoming a problem for KCTMO and access to files was becoming more and more time consuming, there were also instances of mis-filing due to the lack of available space and the ever increasing risk of documents becoming damaged or lost.

KCTMO recognised that they were not exploiting the full potential of their information and believed that an electronic document managament solution, along with the automated workflows it offered would improve the quality of service delivered by KCTMO staff.

After taking a strategic decision to implement an electronic document management system across the organisation, KCTMO chose Civica’s ‘Contact Manager’ system.

The Solution

Having worked with Civica on large scanning projects in the past and being a preferred supplier, ORS were approached by both Civica and KCTMO to perform the complicated task of back-scanning all the tenant, property and business critical files.

In addition, ORS were asked to make the images available via the internet for staff to access during the relocation and whilst the Civica system was being implemented.

ORS had to meet strict collection deadlines and upload time scales for 2.5 million documents, which were split over ten different applications.

Once again ORS rose to the challenge and provided a bi-weekly collection of 100 boxes from various sites, then scanned and uploaded just over 200,000 images per week to a bespoke hosted EDR system.

After the Contact Manager installation, ORS provided the images and data for a seamless integration into the Civica System.

Kensington and Chelsea TMO case study

“ORS has provided a good service via Civica. We have been able to remove almost all of our paper files from our various offices, holding them now as electronic images, or archived files at ORS’s secure storage facility, combined with ORS’s scan on demand service.”

David Hughes, Project Manager, KCTMO

“We have been impressed by the quality of the ORS scanning and archiving service. Our users welcomed the availability of scanned images via the web while we installed the Civica W2 system, where they are now stored and integrated with our Academy housing management system.”

Clare Davis, KCTMO

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