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Linklaters is a global law firm specialising in advising the world’s top companies, financial institutions and governments on their most challenging transactions and assignments. When researching for a scanning partner for their Employee Personnel files they chose ORS for their close match to Linklaters’ own high quality levels and exacting standards.

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Employee Personnel Files Scanning Project for Linklaters

With offices in major business and financial centres, Linklaters have over five thousand employees delivering an outstanding service to their clients anywhere in the world. Much of the work is complex in nature and all is delivered with the highest quality and most exacting standards. Clients select Linklaters because they go the extra mile and get results.

In an exacting three-month time frame, ORS were tasked with both scanning and indexing 2,700 personnel files, including the creation of fourteen key sub-sections for an indexable header sheet. The extracted data merged seamlessly with both the Linklaters HR database and the SAP HR record, allowing image files to be attached to the correct personnel file automatically.

The Solution

Once ORS devised the bespoke header sheets, Linklaters ensured these were completed and added to the paper files.

Once the personnel files were collected, ORS then ensured the files were manually checked and prepared for scanning.

The file scanning process produced three valuable data streams:

1 – Extracted data from the header sheets, saved as a CSV file and merged with the Linklaters HR database

2 – A CSV file combining index and scanned image information, uploaded into the Linklaters electronic content management system

3 – An index field recording the SAP HR record number, linking all scanned images to the appropriate record, allowing fast and easy retrieval to all HR documents


“We required a partner who could give us unbiased advice on how to convert our HR personnel files into electronic format and then deliver the required project. Our project schedule of three months needed to be met, slippage was not an option. I am delighted with the service ORS have given Linklaters which mirrors our own exacting standards.”

Tim Winsey, HR Manager, Linklaters 

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