Muller - Live HR Files ProjectElectronic Capture of Live HR Files For Muller UK & Ireland

Müller is a household name in the UK and probably best known for its “Corner” yogurts and rice desserts. Employing 12,000 people over 10 sites and across two distinct business units – Müller Milk & Ingredients and Müller Yogurt & Desserts.

Muller Yogurts

ORS Group were originally approached by Müller in 2015 to respond to their tender for an HR document management solution. The solution required quick access for multiple HR users across multiple sites to HR records. The ability to scan paper and accept electronic files was also required. On top of this, there was a large existing paper archive to scan, characterise and upload into the solution. Müller faced the challenge of finding “one” company capable of offering all the services they required.

ORS Group were awarded the contract after an extensive tendering process and work began at the end of the year. The proposed document management solution was DocuWare, in this case an on premise system to be installed into Müllers own IT infrastructure. The electronic file capture of Mullers live HR files would naturally be handled by the ORS Group document scanning facility. With nearly 30 years expertise, ORS Groups’ technical team would draw on experiences from similar live HR scanning projects undertaken for organisations including Barclays, HSBC and PepsiCo.

Initially there were 6000 live employee files to scan. The HR files had to be categorised into over 80 different document types by ORS Groups document preparation team.

Muller LorryThe DocuWare on premise system was implemented in collaboration with Mullers own IT department. The DocuWare on premise system is accessed via a web browser and makes for quick and simple access. Users credentials in the system are managed via Active Directory and integrated with DocuWare permissions to allow for the complete control and functionality.  

DocuWare allows Muller end users to scan documents directly to their system via stand-alone scanning stations and through integration with their current multi-function printers. The DocuWare solution also allows users to upload electronic documents already created or save new documents directly from within applications such as Microsoft Office and also from their existing HR software solution. Access to storage functionality is controlled to only allow users to store to subsets of employee and specific document types.

DocuWare has full document retention built into the system. This gives Muller automatic compliance with internal and external data governance. DocuWare can handle a different retention policy for every document type stored in the system which gives Muller the ultimate flexibility over how retention policies were managed.

Muller have since acquired Dairy Crest and due to the success of the Muller project, another 3500 live HR files were captured for this additional side of the organisation. The Dairy Crest HR files were easily integrated into the Muller DocuWare system. Both of these projects were completed within budget and met the required timescales imposed on the project. 

The Muller HR document management and scanning project brought many benefits to the organisation.


  • Insecure paper files now a thing of the past
  • Control and sharing of files between multiple sites now quick and simple
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan fully met
  • Office space freed up, off site storage costs removed
  • Document retention now automatic within the DocuWare solution
  • Integration to other systems complete
  • Remote and flexible working enabled – Mullers UK & Irelands HR function fully centralised to one location

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