Organix Migrate Data To DocuWare Cloud

Organix was founded in 1992 with the belief that everybody deserves to eat well, no matter how young they are. Organix produce organic food for children whilst also trying to educate parents and children alike. Organix have also run campaigns to challenge the government and the food industry including restaurants, schools and nurseries to make nutritious food more widely available.

Organix are a long standing and highly valued customer. ORS Group have provided scanning and data capture services to Organix for the last 6 years. The Organix finance department have been the primary area of focus for scanning services and data capture. Documents were collected, scanned and uploaded into an existing but ageing electronic document management system.

Organix Migrate Data To DocuWare Cloud

Although it had served them well, the existing electronic document management system had a number of key disadvantages. Comparing it to DocuWare Cloud proved to be an eye opening experience and for a very small additional cost the advantages were huge. For Organix, moving over to DocuWare Cloud was an obvious and valuable upgrade – the benefits were significant.

Firstly the existing system was an “on premise” system. This means it was hosted in house on Organix own servers and maintained by their chosen outsourced IT support company. Server space and support costs Organix on a monthly basis, so reducing this need reduces cost and effort. Secondly, the previous system was a single licence system. This means only one user could access it concurrently. Sometimes this worked, but often their staff found they were unable to work effectively because they could not access the system at a convenient time. Finally, the new DocuWare Cloud system offered so much more functionality with options to extend its use into other departments.Organix DocuWare Case Study

Using custom APIs, ORS Group were able to export the existing data out of the current system. By using DocuWare Import,  this data could be imported back into DocuWare Cloud. No loss of data, no risk and all done in under a day. Organix staff were up and running on DocuWare Cloud with 4 users able to work at one time(upgrading from Flex to Professional would offer unlimited licences if required). DocuWare Cloud can be accessed from any browser on any internet ready device. This instantly allowed Organix staff to work more efficiently from home, out on the road, at customers sites and anywhere in the world.

The ability to build workflows with authorisation processes in place was now possible too. Microsoft applications(including Outlook, Word  and Excel) could also be integrated offering more efficient working.

DocuWare Cloud is proving very popular among both existing and new customers. It offers huge functionality at an incredibly low price point.