ORS Group Assist PepsiCo With Scanning Their HR Files Ahead Of Department Relocation To NYC

PepsiCo HR File Scanning

As the world’s second largest food and beverage business, PepsiCo offers a wide range of products to consumers in over 200 different countries.

ORS Group had previously been listed as an approved supplier with PepsiCo for scanning of financial documentation including invoices, VAT returns, receipts and journals. So when it came to the next scanning project, it naturally fell to ORS Group to deliver.

When PepsiCo decided to move their HR department from the UK to their head office in New York, the last thing they wanted was to physically transfer all of the their paper based HR Files.

As with all our projects,  the consultation at the beginning of the process is an extremely important aspect. This ensures that both parties fully understand how the project will be implemented, what is involved at each stage and in what format the files will be returned.

The consultation for this particular project took place with member of the PepsiCo team in both the UK and via Video Conference to New York.

The project proposal outlined all processes for scanning and capturing the data from the HR files. Timescales and the format of the files were also agreed. Detailed discussions took place to decide how each file would be a categorised and accessed once transferred into a digital format. Project implementation was only started once both parties were clear on all areas.

Approximately 330 HR Files were scanned and data captured. The turnaround time was only 5 days, with the physical office move taking place a matter of days after. Data was returned as fully sectioned and bookmarked PDFs to enable fast and easy search and retrieval.

If your HR files and staff records are still sat in paper files – perhaps in folders on the shelf or in large cabinets then why not give ORS Group a call? We have worked with organisations in every industry sector to help them achieve a paper free or paper light HR department.

Paper based HR Files

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