Queen’s Gate School Select ORS Group For Confidential Records Scanning Services

Queen’s Gate School is a highly prestigious independent day school for girls located in the South Kensington area of London.

The school was founded in 1891 by Miss Eleanor Beatrice Wyatt. It was originally located in her parents home in Stanhope Gardens but later relocated to a number of properties in Queen’s Gate including numbers 131-133 and 125/126.

The school has over 500 pupils with over 350 of those in the Senior School. The school is almost unique for an independent school because it does not have a prescribed uniform(other than during PE). Girls are expected to abide by a strict dress code however.

Confidential Records Scanning For Queens Gate School London

The Good Schools Guide describes Queen’s Gate as a “Charming popular school, with a mixed intake, which does jolly well by its girls”.

There is a huge amount of rich history associated with Queen’s Gate School and with this history comes a significant number of confidential records. Over the years, notable former pupils have included: Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, Nigella Lawson, Trinny Woodall and many other high profile ladies.

The historical records had gradually built up over the years and were beginning to become a problem for the school. For Queen’s Gate, like many other organisations, the sheer quantity of paperwork was occupying valuable floor space. On top of this, with data privacy and data protection a serious concern for any organisation, the only solution was to look towards digitisation. The search for a confidential records scanning company lead Queen’s Gate School to the services of ORS Group.

The student records belonging to Queen’s Gate School stretched back as far as the 1920’s and some of the oldest records were at risk of becoming totally illegible. After so many years in storage, damp had started to take its toll on the records – some of which had historical significance and could have been lost forever.

Queens Gate Records Being Prepared

Meticulous preparation was required for many of the records with staff members at ORS going out of their way to prepare and handle records as carefully as possible. Once the records were cleaned and prepared, the scanning and indexing of the records could take place.

In total over 4000 files were scanned with a total document count of well over 300,000. Valuable records are now preserved digitally and the school has complete control of the access to these records. This in turn means data compliance could be achieved and data protection guidelines adhered to. In addition to this, storage space was also gained in the basement area of the school.

Queen’s Gate is just one of many schools and colleges ORS Group have worked with over the years. Scanning student records makes so much sense for many schools, so please feel free to speak to a member of our team if you would like to talk through your own requirements.