ORS Prescribes Data and Forms Capture Solution For Southampton School of Medicine

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The Southampton School of Medicine has a leading reputation in research, enterprise and education and has strong links with the NHS, both in teaching hospitals and the local community.

As well as purchasing a scanner, they then had to employ the equivalent of two full time staff members to scan, capture and validate the information. This had come at a time when the
 Hospital and University, like all in the country, have been told by the government to cut staff costs and this was one area which had to show significant savings.

Southampton School of Medicine Forms Capture Case Study

After hearing of the outsourced data capture services provided by ORS, the School of Medicine turned to them for advice on 
their situation.

Throughout the year the administration department have to process a number of types of forms and provide results for examinations and student evaluations for up to 30 different courses. In order to help them process this data, they initially purchased an in-house scanning/data/ forms capture solution.

However, due to the nature of how the forms were being filled in by the students, the data proved difficult for the solution to capture efficiently or cost effectively.

The Solution

ORS carried out an extensive audit and concluded that the administration department could drastically cut costs as well as increase in efficiency by using the outsourced service rather than continuing to run the in-house solution.

ORS’s forms capture service now sees each evaluation sheet being scanned, the student name and unique number extracted along with the results data. This analysis is then delivered back via an excel report, along with the images of each form, within a oneday turnaround.

The original paper examination forms/evaluations are then returned to the School of Medicine and destroyed as the images are kept electronically for retrieval when required. A copy of the data and images are also kept for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity purposes.

The result is a much more cost effective solution than their previously used in-house methods. ORS’s data and forms capture services have not only reduced unnecessary administration staff costs dramatically but also increased the efficiency and speed of producing the results.

“ORS scanned urgent and important exam scripts for us. They responded extremely quickly and gave us exactly what we required, with phenomenal accuracy’.”

Sally Rushworth, Assessment Team Leader, Faculty of Medicine, Southampton University.

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