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Sovereign Housing Association is one of the UK’s largest housing associations with over 38,000 homes. With homes across the South and South West, Sovereign employs over 1000 people.

In 1989, Newbury District Council(now known as West Berkshire Council)took the bold step to transfer its housing stock to a housing association known as West Berkshire Housing Association. The association had 7109 homes and was valued at £47 million. As the association grew across a number of counties, a more appropriate name was introduced – Sovereign Housing Association.

Three more housing associations were brought under the Sovereign umbrella including Twynham Housing Association in 2005, The Vale Housing Association in 2007 and Kingfisher HVHS Housing Association in 2009.

Sovereign Housing Development

The relationship between Sovereign and ORS Group began 4 years ago when ORS Group assisted Sovereign with a back scan at the Christchurch office. Ahead of that we had already worked with Twynham Housing back in 2000 capturing tenant files and finance documentation to Microfilm. ORS Group were again selected to provide document capture services for a significant paper records archive. Sovereign had a “backlog” of documents across offices in Swindon, Abingdon, Exeter and in off site storage in Bristol.

The first stage of the project was to complete a full document audit across all sites within the project scope. Once complete, a schedule for collections could be agreed upon and timescales for scanning and delivery of digital images projected. Once the backlog was cleared, a “business as usual” scanning schedule could be planned to keep up with the weekly increase in paper documents.

The final stage of the project was to supply a cloud based electronic document management solution. Like many other forward thinking organisations, a cloud based solution was favoured over an on premise solution. The solution proposed by ORS Group was DocuWare Cloud.

Due to the large number of scanned images that would need loading into the system, along with all of the existing data in the Swordfish and Valid systems the Docuware Cloud Enterprise solution was selected by Sovereign. This allowed for an unlimited number of users across the organisation and a large initial storage capacity of 250Gb.

ORS Group ran compression on images to reduce the size from the previous systems and advised on a ‘best practice’ when staff scanned and saved documents into the system to keep storage space to a minimum. Training was also provided to the various offices and user groups created with different levels of access to documents. Staff can now save emails directly into the system and scan directly from the MFD’s across the various offices.

Using the DocuWare API the housing management data is updated every day into the cloud system, so staff can select a tenant or property file and save and retrieve information in real time.

Sovereign Response