Digital Tenant Files Bring Huge Benefits To Spectrum Housing Group

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Spectrum Housing Group faced a familiar problem for all Housing Organisations needing access to thousands of tenant files – where and how to store them. The use of an off-site storage facility initially freed up office space, but in turn delayed document retrieval. So ORS Group devised an innovative solution 
that combined scanning and a smart use of a proven technology – barcodes to capture and characterise the files and covert them to a digital format.

As part of the pre-scanning process, ORS created a header sheet with barcodes containing unique details about the tenant and property directly from Spectrum’s housing management system. These barcodes were so successful that they were later added to the 36,000 annual rent review letters, enabling replies to be quickly linked to the appropriate files with no manual intervention required. Digital Tenant Files bring huge benefits to Spectrum Housing Group.

Spectrum Housing Association Digital Tenant Files Case Study

Every year, Western Challenge, a subsidiary of Spectrum Housing Group, generate up to 36,000 documents relating to the Rent Review, printed by an external company.

By adding a unique barcode to each tenant’s letter and then requiring each tenant to respond by returning that letter, each reply can be instantly attached to the tenant files.

The Solution

In addition, a print file of PDF images created for the print run is now sent electronically to ORS.

ORS simply import the data into the tenant file application and the right letter is linked to the corresponding file through the barcode information. All of which ensures that the Western Challenge customer service team now offer a much faster response to any tenant query. Bar-coded Rent Reviews: A Great ROI Digital Files Bring Benefits – Spectrum Housing Group has gained more time for their tenants whilst drastically decreasing the volume of paper, thanks to the ORS solution.

Spectrum Housing Association Document Management

“Over the past 18 years ORS have consistently helped Spectrum Housing with practical advice and guidance around our document management needs.”

“We have developed a great working partnership with ORS, which allows us to be certain that our document management requirements will be well managed into the future.”

Tony Blows, IT Manager, Spectrum Housing Group.

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