TaylorMade Golf LogoORS Group Implement Purchase Invoice Processing System Using Full DocuWare Data Integration with Oracle Financials.

The relationship with TaylorMade Golf began with a chance encounter while one of our sales team was working with a customer nearby. TaylorMade they had already tried to implement purchase invoice processing with another DocuWare reseller and were at the point of going back to market to find a replacement. It was clear from our initial meeting that the problem was not with the software but with the way it had been implemented.

The ORS Group Pre Sales Team convinced TaylorMade that they had made significant investment in DocuWare and that it would be more cost effective to properly implement the solution rather than remove it after just six months. 

ORS completed a full refresh of DocuWare to create an electronic authorisation process that included the following:

  1. Reinstallation of DocuWare including a full data integration with Oracle Financials
  2. Remapping the full purchase to pay invoice process with DocuWare coded to allow full end to end invoice approval
  3. Mirrored approval and authorisation limits to ensure that new solution retained compliance of old manual paper based approval
  4. Built a full purchase order process that allows staff to raise purchase orders with full electronic approval
  5. Integrated DocuWare with current Sharp MFD’s to allow TaylorMade staff to use current infrastructure for scanning.

ORS delivered the full solution to TaylorMade within four weeks of our initial meetings and went on to complete training and go live support of the system. 

TaylorMade Golf Drivers - Purchase Invoice Processing

The initial project has been seen as a huge success and TaylorMade are now reviewing the following additional elements: 

  • Credit note workflow & sign off
  • Use of ORS mail scanning service to capture all invoices externally
  • Deeper integration with Oracle screens
  • Worldwide invoice approval for all UK invoices

ORS were allowed access to all parts of the business within TaylorMade who were happy to listen to the innovative ideas and solutions ORS had to offer.  Since the initial implementation, electronic document management has been seen as a huge success and is now fully embedded as part of the culture at TaylorMade.

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