The Copyright Licensing AgencyGroup Relocation Drives Paperless Office Project at The Copyright Licensing Agency

The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is a licensing body as defined by the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988. It was set up in 1983 and is owned by the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society and the PLS (Publishing Licensing Society).

CLA issue licences to organisations that want to copy and and re-use published work. The licence fees are collected and in turn passed onto the copyright owners as royalty payments. These are the authors, publishers and visual artists the CLA represent.

With offices in central London, CLA evaluated their paper processes ahead of an office relocation project to new premises only half a mile away. It became clear to them that relocation of hundreds of files was neither forward thinking, secure or cost effective.

ORS Group were approached by IT Director Adam Sewell after a recommendation from an existing customer. It is always a privilege to be approached in this way so we were keen to live up to any expectations and offer the best possible solution to CLA.

After an initial assessment around 20 large filing cabinets were selected for file digitisation. These files contained historical licence application forms that make up an important archive for the CLA.


Copyright application form


In paper form, these licences were clearly occupying a significant amount of storage space. With the cost of office space at an all time high in London, any reduction was a welcome benefit.

Another benefit of the digitisation process was the immediate security improvements gained. Firstly, this means the licences can only be accessed digitally by those securely logged onto the CLA domain. Secondly, the documents are now fully backed up, secure from fire, flood or theft and totally disaster recovery ready. Access and search time is now a matter of a few seconds rather than many minutes.

“The digitisation of all our customer files has enabled us to work far more efficiently and effectively.  ORS digitised a huge amount of files and provided a very thorough and professional service throughout the process.” 

If you are moving offices or planning a relocation then this really is an excellent time to assess your company paper processes. For many organisations the cost of not doing anything will greatly exceed the cost of doing something.

ORS Group Van Collection for Paperless Office Project