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Together was formed in 1879 and offers a wide variety of support to help people deal with the personal and practical impacts of mental health issues.

The Together offices are situated centrally in London, so like many organisations Together were aware that occupying floor space with filing cabinets was not cost effective. On top of this, digitising their HR files brought the added benefit of increased security and ticking the GDPR compliance box. Moving to paperless working also gives Together the the added flexibility of mobile working. This makes it easy for staff to work from home or whilst on the move. It also means should they decide to move offices in the future, there will be no paperwork to transport and space requirements for the new office would be reduced.

ORS Group scanned around 650 HR Files which were split and indexed by section and uploaded into DocuWare Cloud Flex. DocuWare Cloud Flex offers 20GB of storage, 4 users and a fully featured set of modules including intelligent indexing. DocuWare Cloud Flex is the entry level Cloud package and proved just right for the needs of Together.


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