ORS Group offer a range of services to enable those working within the healthcare sector a more efficient and cost effective way of managing and accessing patient data and documentation.

In a nutshell we securely scan your patient records and make them available to you online – it’s fast, secure and efficient. This service is most often used by private consultants who run their own practice. The problem they often identify is having filing cabinets full of records which leads to slow access of patient information and cramped working conditions.

Managing electronic patient records

To resolve these problems we will first scan and then upload your patient records into almost any system such as Helix(DGL) Practice Manager or we can provide you with a secure online hosted system. Both of these allow out of office access to your records which means they can be accessed wherever you are, on almost any device including smartphones / tablets / desktops and laptops.

ORS has over 25 years of experience in processing confidential data and sensitive information. We work closely with a wide range of private healthcare sector organisations across the UK, including BUPA, HCA, Spire and Nuffield Healthcare.

Some of the benefits of electronic patient records include


  • Initial data capture of archived patient files, as well as on-going processing of live files/data
  • Reduction in labour costs and time associated with manual paper filing
  • Complies with the national initiatives
  • Remote access to patient data, which allows Consultants to access information when and wherever they need it
  • Peace of mind knowing your data is securely backed up, safe from fire, flood or theft

To find out more about how ORS can help your practice to reduce paperwork and costs, please complete the enquiry form below or give us a call on 023 8026 7755