Still Working With Paper Based HR Records?

Employee Personnel File

It’s time for change – and ORS Group can help.

Digitising your paper HR records and files is quick, simple and brings a whole host of benefits including:


  • Eliminates the need for document storage in files, on shelves or by the box in storage
  • Secures confidential data meaning only those that need to access sensitive information do so
  • Allows instant access via the web on a PC, Tablet, Laptop or Smartphone anywhere in the world
  • Records and information become instantly searchable
  • Records are fully backed up and secure
  • Complies with statutory retention periods
  • Records are fully admissible in a court of law
  • Easily integrates with almost any HR and payroll system
  • Minimum or no input required from IT department

HR departments are notorious for their high paperwork volumes. In larger companies staff will join and leave on a daily basis which means new employee personnel records are generated and archived every day.  On top of this there are documents such as trade union agreements, absence forms,  P45s and P11Ds all of which add to the volume of paperwork.

ORS Group offer a range of services to allow HR managers to efficiently capture and associate documents with employees by name or staff number. This eliminates the need for document storage either in filing cabinets or off site in an expensive storage facility. The documents can then be accessed via a web interface or through a dedicated application. Most importantly it’s fast, completely secure and complies with statutory retention periods for all documents.

DocuWare Cloud is a cost effective electronic document management system that enables all physical and digital documents relating to an employee to be captured and stored – this includes paper documents and also emails. These may be required during HR or legal proceedings. All documents scanned are admissible in court in their electronic form.

DocuWare Cloud integrates with almost every HR and payroll application. This makes association and sharing of data quick, simple and secure. In seconds, documents are displayed in a browser, no matter if it’s on a monitor, a tablet or a smartphone. Once documents are filed, they are available when and where you need them – in the office, on the road, worldwide and at any time.

Document Scanning of HR records