Have you ever considered how long it takes to collate, process, share and categorise job applications coming in from email, paper mail and online? Popular positions can generate literally hundreds of applications causing an administrative nightmare.

DocuWare can help any HR department in managing job applications. The job application process can be streamlined in five simple steps: 

1 – Structure incoming applications

DocuWare makes it possible to process applications from all sources(email, paper and online). These can be easily and securely shared with colleagues and key decision makers through DocuWare. Applications from all sources are stored in a digital folder and an email receipt automatically sent to the candidate.

2 – Provide Simple Online Applications

Online forms are a fast and simple way for applicants to make contact with a potential employer. With the DocuWare forms module you can easily create bespoke forms and integrate them into you company website. Any incoming applications are immediately stored in DocuWare where pre designed workflows can be launched automatically.

3.  Integrate management and department heads

With DocuWare, applications are sent via pre configured digital workflows to everyone involved in the recruitment process.

Feedback can be given withcout changing the original documents. They can stay untouched thanks to the annotation and stamp functions in DocuWare. The status of applications can be tracked easily – who has looked at them, which have been approved or which have been declined.

Managing Job Applications With DocuWare Forms








4.    Fast response times

First impressions count – a fast response time reflects well on your company and proves your company is both efficient and well organised. All too often companies either fail to acknowledge or fail to respond because they dont have time or don’t care for courtesy. DocuWare can help you make decisions quickly and initiate appointments without delay through the use of integrated deadline management, holiday/vacation replacements, email notifications and automatic reminders.

5.    Easily search for key qualifications

An integrated full-text search in DocuWare makes it possible to search for keywords in application documents. Finding a candidate with exactly the right skill set is simple, even with hundreds of applications. Search hundreds of documents in seconds to highlight the candidates with exactly the right qualifications.