The idea of the paperless office is becoming more and more prevalent across businesses of all sizes in the UK. The HR department is one of the fastest adopters of the paperless strategy because digital personnel files bring so many benefits. For a modern, service orientated HR Department digital files are an absolute must have. 

Managing your digital files in digital filing cabinets can be easily achieved with DocuWare.

1 – Minimise Administrative Effort

Regardless of the document type – job applications, annual reviews, holiday forms and absence forms – DocuWare can manage them all. Emails, pdfs, word documents can all be managed to save space, time and administrative effort. Rather than walking to the filing cabinet or even digging through storage boxes you can easily access the digital files from your laptop or mobile device. Payroll systems and other HR platforms can be easily integrated to make paper files a thing of the past in the HR Department.

The Benefits Of Digital Personnel Files In DocuWare

2 – Ensure Security and Privacy

How safe are your personnel files?  Some of them are probably locked away, some of them might be on peoples desks, some taken home for review or they could even be in another department or building. Paperwork just isn’t very safe and can be lost, stolen, copied and replicated in a matter of seconds. The consequences of a data breach have become far more significant under the GDPR and this is pushing HR departments to digitise personnel files faster than ever before.

Digital personnel files are kept both secure and confidential in DocuWare. If you haven’t been authorised to access them then you can’t – its that simple. Access or replication of documents by those that don’t have permission just isn’t possible. Retention periods for documents can be set, depending on document type and importantly adhering your personnel files to the GDPR .

3 – Enabling Staff Self Sufficiency

Authorised staff can access digital files via a web browser or through the app.  Working from home or on the move is no problem – files can be accessed, shared and altered easily.

Employees Personnel File Image

4 – Enhance Existing HR Software

Digital Personnel files in DocuWare can be integrated into any other software application including payroll, accounting or HR systems. This allows you to store and retrieve documents quickly and easily. For example, with one click you can see every document that belongs to an employee number. 

5- Set Up Fast Workflows

Employees appreciate fast response times. Interview requests, travel expenses reimbursement and holiday requests can call be actioned quickly through predefined workflows. Digital files and workflows make life easier and more efficient for everyone involved.