Investing in a document management system today offers much more than it did a few years ago. It was then purely an archiving tool: in effect an electronic filing cabinet replacing standard paper files.

Now, HousingDocs offers much more than this. It is important when deciding which software to invest in, that you ensure its suitability and versatility will cover your future commercial needs without having to reinvest in further products at a later date.

Works with your business and enhances existing systems

HousingDocs Document management software’s adaptability will surprise you. It can be used to enhance and work alongside current office procedures. With preset department cabinets and document types it couldn’t be easier to search, index and workflow your operational documentation. In addition to core functions content management and support-call logging is easily implemented.

HousingDocs offers many flexible indexing options (including manual tagging and OCR-Optical Character Recognition) as well as a variety of powerful retrieval capabilities for all documents 
(paper and existing electronic files).

HousingDocs Document Management Software key benefits


  • Powerful yet simple to operate, designed with the user in mind
  • Pre-configured storage cabinets covering all housing departments and document types from set up
  • Comprehensive document retrieval system, your documents at your finger tips when you need them
  • Authorise and approve documents with customised electronic stamps which automatically include the date and users name
  • Easy to use Email storage
  • Full audit trail and document retention policy ensures compliance and security
  • Fully integratable with all housing, tenancy, finance, hr, maintenance and asset management systems
  • File and index ALL of your information and data into the system from over 200 file types including cad drawings, emails and all MS office documents into one consistent electronic file structure
  • Add workflow capability with predefined template set up
  • Add remote access via web, access the system securely from any location
  • Various concurrent user licensing options to meet your own requirements, will also operate in terminal services and Citrix environments