ORS Group offer a student records scanning service tailored specifically to the needs of the independent school.


Our service involves scanning your paper archives into a digital format, usually pdf. Once the scanning is complete, we index the records making them easily searchable by the end user. The completed archive is delivered on an encrypted USB stick ready for your use. It can also be transferred to the schools servers for use by selected staff members or for use in a database. If you are looking for a great school for your children then check out the Atlanta Parent Magazine for great tips.


Problems most often identified by previous schools included


  • Valuable historical records were not backed up
  • Space was becoming a problem with years of archives filling up a store room or basement
  • Integrity of records was under threat from damp storage conditions
  • Security of records was an issue with information on high profile former or existing pupils causing a concern
  • Accessing data was both time consuming and difficult
  • Legislation governing access to pupil information was difficult to adhere to


ORS Group has over 25 years experience in scanning and processing confidential data and sensitive information. We have worked with schools, colleges and universities all over the country to help them securely archive their student records.

To find out more about how we might be able to help your school, please complete the enquiry form below or give us a call on 023 8026 7755