Our insurance document scanning and data capture services have been designed to increase both speed and efficiency in your organisation. It is vital that critical documents such as claims and related correspondence flow from the point of entry (mailroom) to the claims handling team and onwards throughout the rest of the business.

Without the right system in place your organisation will face such challenges as declining incomes, rising claims risk, fraud risk and both inaccurate customer and claims data.

ORS Group can help you overcome these challenges to streamline and optimise information flow across the business. This will help reduce costs, risk and increase both sales efficiency and customer service performance whilst achieving regulatory compliance.

  • Increase Efficiency 

Capture and classify documents at the point of entry, and route process-ready information to multiple business units and processes.


  • Improve Customer Service 

Capture customer information from multiple channels. Gain a competitive edge through fast, hiqh quality inquiry and claims handling.


  • Reduce Processing Costs 

Process paper, fax, email and any other format through one capture platform. Eliminate manual labour, physical shipping and storage.


  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance 

Trace and audit the acquisition of data into an organisation, from the point of entry, across each touch point, to final archive.

Document Management for Insurance Companies