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Handling customer documentation as part of an application or claims process is a time consuming and labour intensive process. A self service scanning system allows your customers to scan their documents and upload them directly into your own CRM system, Document Management System, Sharepoint or revenues and benefits platform. The scanned images can be shared to all departments, automatically indexed, OCR’d and work-flowed.

How Does It Work?

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Saving staff time and resource

Scanning, indexing and uploading customer documentation is laborious and time consuming. Under normal circumstances a customer services team would receive customer documentation and manually scan and index this. This paperwork could be sent in the post or delivered in person. Either way it puts a demand on the customer services team at a time when resources and budgets are already stretched.

A self service scanning system puts the task in the hands of the customer –  freeing up staff time and resource. Customers are guided through the process using a touch screen. The system is simple and intuitive, only requiring interaction from a customer services representative for validation at the end of the process. Customers are provided with a receipt as proof of their document submission at the end of the process.

Key Benefits 


  • Easy To Use – A simple intuitive system to use, both customers and back office staff will understand it easily.
  • Reduction In Staffing – Staff costs are significantly reduced, with an ROI often in just one year.
  • Streamlined Processes – Administration effort is significantly reduced, costs are reduced as a result.
  • Customer Experience – Response times and application processing times are reduced. Burden on staff is reduced.
  • Data Sharing – The scanned data can be automatically routed to existing software, reducing document duplication and search effort
  • Easy Integration – Integrates with Sharepoint, Office 365 and all back office systems

Our Customers Include

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