Mobile Document Management

Mobile Working With DocuWare Mobile

The need for mobile working,  to work flexibly, on the move, from home or from a remote site is now almost essential for Housing Association employees.

DocuWare Mobile is available for Apple iOS, Android and Windows smartphones with the same functions available to all users.

Easy Set-Up And Operationdocuware-task-image-mobile

The latest version of DocuWare Mobile now features a dashboard to clearly display all current tasks. Associated documents can easily be retrieved and processed from here. The mobile app is easily connected with DocuWare by simply scanning a QR code.

Examples Of Usage In Housing


  • Housing officers have access to tenant records on the move
  • Photos of properties, documents can be uploaded immediately
  • Tennant forms can be filled out on the go
  • Maintenance workers can scan documents, complete sign offs on site




  • Mobile access to workflows keeps business moving forward
  • Convenient access to information in the document pool
  • Substitution rules eliminates bottlenecks
  • Central overview of search dialogs and lists
  • Simple setup via QR code
  • Research in the Document-Pool from outing