Effective Form Management on a Tablet or Mobile Device

DocuWare Forms

Does your organisation use paper forms for data collection? Forms filled out by hand to collect tenant information come with an array of problems.


  • They take time and money to create
  • Hand writing can be difficult to read
  • Data has to be manually read and keyed back into a database or housing package
  • Document security is poor
  • The risk of sensitive data leaks or total form loss is high

DocuWare Forms allows your organisation to quickly and easily create digital forms that can be accessed on a tablet or mobile device. The data is stored centrally and securely in DocuWare for access at a later date by selected users or for use in existing systems.

Effective Form Management on a Tablet or Mobile Device

Key Benefits


  • Structured and multi-functional use of data entered once
  • Integrate forms into lists and workflows
  • No typing out handwritten forms
  • Clearly arranged Editor for Web Forms
  • Continue to use similar pre-printed forms

Effective Form Workflow

Once stored in DocuWare, the form data is available to relevant staff in all departments. If DocuWare lists or workflows are used as well, the data can be displayed immediately after storage as a task in DocuWare – subject to a Task Manager or Workflow Manager license.

Individual data can be copied from the form in DocuWare Viewer to other applications using copy & paste – to create an entry in another accounting software, for example. Or you can use the Autoindex Workflow to transfer values at database level to other software packages.

Easily Configured Web Forms

Creating web forms is quick and simple. Fields and check boxes can be assembled using a drag and drop approach. Individual elements can be designated as mandatory fields. There is a preview function to check how the form will appear to users in their browsers.

A Web Form is based on a configuration in which you establish a store target, indexing, and permissions in addition to the form fields. You can use set values or specific data taken from the form for automatic indexing. In the permissions, you establish which DocuWare users can fill out the form and who can adjust the configuration other than the creator.

Once configuration is complete, DocuWare Forms generates a link through which the Web Form can be accessed. The user fills it out in the browser and the completed form is automatically stored as a PDF in the DocuWare file cabinet with “Submit”.