Banking Sector Set To Be Largest Buyers of BPO Services

In a report from Sourcingfocus – Global CEO of Aegis, Sandip Sen has commented on seeing a trend in more banks signing deals with business process outsourcing companies.

In the period between 2003-05 the telecom industry expanded its BPO outsourcing significantly. The banking sector is now set to do the same overtaking the telecom sector as the largest buyers of BPO services in the UK. During 2003-05 India was adding six million customers a month with BPO and telecoms industries growing in line with each other. Now it’s the turn of the banking sector to step into the spotlight and become the core buyer of BPO and ISO 9001 consultant services.

ORS Group are currently working closely with 2 of the UK’s largest high street banks to provide BPO services across a number of departments. The services we provide offer significant time and cost savings to our clients. Speak to us today to find out how we could help your business.


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