ORS Group Process EDF Energy UK Staff Expenses

EDF Energy is part of EDF Group, a leading global electricity company which began investing in the UK in 1998. Today, EDF Energy employs over 15,000 people across the UK – from Torness in Scotland right down to Exeter in Southern England.

ORS Group had been providing services to EDF Energy for  over eight years. EDF Energy approached ORS Group for us to provide them with a fully managed staff expense processing service. Utilising intelligent data capture software and data extraction techniques ORS Group provide a Digital Mailroom service for the processing of over 3500 staff expense claims per week.

Immediate business benefits:


  • All claims received and processed by midday, the same day
  • All receipts checked against each claim and validated
  • Full audit trail of all expenses processed for authorisation

An efficient expense claims handling process assists businesses with ensuring compliance with the Bribery act 2010, Customs and excise (VAT), data protection, PAS and P11D. In addition your workforce is significantly reduced  saving time and costs.



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