Edinburgh Tram Inquiry Ponders 500 Million Documents

An Edinburgh tram enquiry has faced the un-enviable task of whittling 500 million documents down to a mere 6 million.

The Edinburgh tram project cost £776 million and started in 2014 after 6 years of disruption. Chairman of the inquiry Lord Hardie issued a deadline to the city council over potential conflicts of interest at today’s first hearing.

Initially is was suggested that 500 million documents could be involved in the project but it has since been whittled down to a mere 6 million. An undisclosed document management system is now being used to filter the documents

“The technology is there to assist, but there are still vast numbers of documents that have to be reviewed and analysed by members of the team”, Lord Hardie said.

The £776m scheme was completed last year, some 3 years late and hundreds of millions of pounds over budget. The 8 mile line between Edinburgh Airport and York Place in the city centre was completed at a fraction of original budget.




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