Penalties for employing illegal workers now up to £20,000

Did you know that the maximum penalty for employing an illegal worker in the UK is £20,000?

In many cases it is due to a documentation error that the employer makes – a simple yet very costly mistake. It’s easy to check if an individual has the right to work in the UK – The GOV.UK checklist can be found here.

The problem many HR departments are now facing is the management of all of these documents. The checklist requires you to obtain original documents which most people will make a copy of for their records. These include such things as a passport, an ID card, a residence card, a current immigration status document, a birth certificate and many more. The biggest problem is managing and accessing these records, particularly when you manage a large and regularly changing workforce.

Penalties for employing illegal workers

ORS Group work with DocuWare to offer a solution that can be easily integrated into any HR department.

The sensitive content of documents and the requirements of privacy laws mean that paper documents, computer files, and e-mail must be handled with great care especially on personal injury. The growing number of electronic documents and the variety of available media make it even more challenging to keep up with today’s requirements. 12345

Being able to securely set up access rights, tamper-free electronic filing, and integration within HR’s existing IT system, all make a DMS virtually irreplaceable. Properly configured, even the system administrator cannot have access to sensitive HR records.

Benefits of DocuWare For HR Departments

With a DocuWare solution, you significantly increase productivity: an electronic file gives all HR staff and managers a way to centrally access relevant employee data and documents. Individual access rights restrict entry to parts of “Personnel Files“ – this guarantees confidentiality. Routine processes are significantly accelerated through simple-to-operate electronic workflows, such as authorisations of holiday requests, paid/unpaid leave, overtime, etc. The system makes sure that documents are moved automatically from one station to another to speed up authorisation. Tracking features help managers to identify (and remedy) any bottlenecks along the way.



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