Electronic Document Management or Records Management?

If you are reading this article then you are probably either already using a records management service or you are considering using a records management company to look after your documents. Sometimes these companies are just known as document storage companies and that’s simply all they do.

Think about it for just a minute though – have you considered the cost implications of records management or document storage? For many people the decision to use this sort of service is purely based on cost. Often though when you look at the bigger picture and particularly the long-term implications then the numbers start to look less appealing.

Documents in storage on shelves

Initially the monthly cost associated with document storage can look cheap and it’s easy to justify to budget holders. Do these numbers stay consistent though? The answer is nearly always no.  Think about what might change though:

  • Your archive grows – your price goes up.
  • You need to retrieve a box back – each box will cost you, perhaps you are working on a legal case – this could mean a lot of requests.
  • Your storage company puts its prices up, is your contract fixed?
  • Your boxes need destroying, there will be a charge.

The above are the most tangible costs we think of on top of a monthly storage charge. You might be able to swallow these, but what about the less obvious costs? Think about your time, how long will you be spending putting in requests, checking your records to find out exactly what is in which box? Can you share the documents easily once you’ve got them back or will you be stood at the photocopier making duplicates for your team?

What about the lifespan of the document?  Are your documents subject to certain legal requirements? If so, are you aware some documents must be kept for over 100 years?

Electronic Document Management

At ORS Group we don’t offer document storage or traditional records management so it’s obvious that we would recommend using an electronic document management system. We only recommend this because our experience has proven that over the long term it pays for itself – its quicker, its significantly more efficient, its more secure, its more environmentally sound and it just makes good sense.

Workflow on a mobile phone

Wouldn’t you rather be able to access ALL of your documents at the click of a mouse? It would be even better if your colleagues had the same access at the same time, or controlled access depending on their role or function? File retrievals would be a thing of the past and security would be taken for granted. On top of this you could access all of your documents from any device – PC/tablet/smartphone from almost anywhere in the world. ALL of these things are possible and more, so why not give us a call today to see how this could work in your organisation?




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