Research Shows – One third of companies file away written complaints

Recent research undertaken by Iron Mountain has show that 39% of companies simply file away written enquiries and complaints.


A further 57% wait for customers to follow up paper correspondence by phone before taking any action. Pretty shocking figures!

The findings also revealed:


  • 41% of companies report that they often have to deal with angry customers whose correspondence they have lost.
  • Even in today’s digital age, more than half of companies (56%) still receive the majority of their customer enquiries on paper.
  • 66% can’t store incoming enquiries from multiple channels including online, phone, social media and paper, in a single customer profile.
  • Nearly a third of businesses (31%) are actively discouraging people from sending them letters.

“People still like to communicate on paper. So businesses that fail to integrate paper into their customer relationship management systems are going to lose out,” said Charlotte Marshall, Managing Director of Iron Mountain in the UK. “Customers expect the company they’re doing business with to have instant access to a single, comprehensive view of their history with the firm.”

So what can be done? ORS Group offer a paper free option – inbound customer documents are automatically scanned and the relevant data extracted. The data is then inserted back into your CRM or database for immediate access by your staff. If you have documents archived or in storage we can scan these into your system saving your time and storage costs.

Document Management for Call Centres


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