Use Workflow Manager and Let The Information Flow

When processes are well managed, it makes the workday virtually run by itself. Workflow Manager is a powerful module that makes sure information flows through your company.

Workflow tasks such as the processing of accounts payable invoices are tackled entirely within DocuWare – there’s no need to have any other applications open. You are automatically informed by email when a new task arrives, for example when an invoice is stored in a filing cabinet.

Every invoice “knows” who needs to process it. Rules can be pre programmed, for example based on a due date or for when someone is out on holiday. Once completed, an invoice will move along in the form of a new task to the next person in the chain.

DocuWare Workflow Process Diagram

In your workflows, you can also include information from other systems via web service – for example, from your accounting department. The barcode number of an invoice is then sent to your accounting system so that the corresponding invoice is entered into the workflow form.

Even highly complex processes can be easily configured with the graphic interface of the workflow designer.

At ORS Group we help customers remove paper based inefficiencies such as manual and time-consuming invoice processing. If you’d like to understand more about workflow or just document management in general then why not make contact?


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