How To Calculate Document Scanning Volumes?

In order for us to provide you with an accurate quotation, we first need to get some sort of idea of what your paper volumes actually are. Needless to say, nobody has got time to count every page of paper in a folder or filing cabinet. Fortunately through years of experience we can normally work out a close estimate based on previous jobs.

The information below is based purely on A4 paperwork with the biggest variation normally caused by either the number of file dividers or how tightly the paper has been packed.

A standard 4 drawer filing cabinet can hold as much as 16,000 pages if its full. If your cabinet has lots of file dividers or has room to squeeze a bit more in then that figure can be reduced by around 10%.

4 drawer filing cabinet

A standard archive box can hold as much as 3000 documents although typically we say 2500 because most boxes we see contain file dividers or drop files of some sort. Some people refer to archive boxes as bankers boxes but this is actually only a brand name. It should also be noted that the most common Iron Mountain boxes are smaller than a traditional archive box. These will normally hold up to 2000 documents. Approximate dimensions for an archive box are as follows L 48cm,  H28cm , W32cm.

Archive Storage Box

A transfer file box will typically hold around 500 pages

Transfer File Box

A box file will typically hold around 500 pages

Box File

A large lever arch file will also typically hold around 500 pages

Lever Arch Files


A foolscap document wallet/folder will typically hold around 150 pages

Fool Scap Document Wallet

An expanding file may hold up to around 300 documents although these are less common and harder to calculate.

Expanding File

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