Scanning Documents When Quality Counts

Production grade commercial scanning

ORS does not use large-scale production scanners as they have been proven in testing to provide a poorer quality image and increase the risk of uncaptured and mis-scanned documents. Instead ORS, in partnership with Kodak UK, use production grade commercial scanners, each of which have a fully trained single full time operator who will monitor the scanner for errors and visually check every image produced to ensure the highest image quality. ORS are also a Kodak capture partner in the UK, providing test bed platforms for capture technologies.

The scanners include multi feed detection and are all attached to a desktop monitor to allow the image to be checked as it is scanned. The scanners are set to 80% of the maximum throughput so when the staff are scanning documents they can see the image in enough detail. Where needed the scanner operator will stop the batch and rescan images if needed.

Scanning project

Using an HR Project as an example – During the scanning of the documents the scanners will automatically detect the following:

  1. Barcode Header Sheets – These will then automatically create the indexed folder locations with the employee ID and store the images in the relevant folders.
  2. Document Type Headers – These will stop the previous image and start a new image, these will then be presented to the data entry team at a later stage for keying the document type
  3. ORS Toggle Patches – These will change the scanner from scanning in black and white to colour and back again if required. This is to ensure that the images are captured as original to comply with legal admissibility standards.

A unique scanning profile will be centrally created and then accessed by all of the scanners to ensure that the same quality of image is produced every time. As with the preparation team there will be a number of operators trained on the process and these will scan all images for the back scan. This will allow us to train staff on the specific requirements and serve as another quality check of work completed by the preparation staff.

All documents will be scanned as multi-page PDF’s using the best of breed Kodak production scanners fitted with Kodak Capture Pro technology at 200dpi, which significantly improves the quality of the images captured for all documents up to A3 size.

Scanner stations conform to the following specification:

  • PC’s have access to internal network driver but have all external access to the Internet disabled.
  • The USB ports do not allow for staff to use memory sticks
  • No scanned images are stored on the desktop PC, once scanned they are stored in the project job folders
  • All desktop PC’s have full antivirus software that is updated with new definitions daily
  • No drinks, foodstuffs, camera phones or electronics devices of any type are allowed at scanner stations.

All scanners used by ORS are supported by a 2 plus 2 support agreement with Kodak, ensuring that we operate a maximum capacity at all times.

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