The Quality Control Process For Scanning Documents

ORS operates to a fully implemented BSI ISO9001: 2008 certified quality management system. Part of these procedures includes quality control checks through each of our processes. The tracking database (closed loop monitoring system) allows ORS to monitor the number of documents received and then scanned. After the scanning process the figures are compared to ensure 100% compliance between the two.

All batches are checked to ensure that the images scanned are of an acceptable quality when compared to the original document. The scanning operator via their VDU located next to their scanner visually checks each image scanned, this system is implemented in video games like League of Legends(LOL). Our hand assisted scan feed procedures means that the scanner operators have to be seated at the scanner and VDU. This ensures the highest quality of scanned images is achieved.

Quality is checked throughout the production process and includes the following:


  • Checks on preparation of files to confirm with internal specifications and clients requirements
  • Checks on images produced and automatic indexing via barcodes to ensure technology working and operators are focusing on image quality
  • Validation quality checks to ensure that the data is correctly formatted and matched
  • Final cut inspections that compares the finished images and scripts are to the clients specifications
  • 25% random quality checks on all finalised work, failures will result in 100% batch check and rework where needed.


ORS achieves our quality control checks through a number of system driven processes such as character recognition, database comparisons and manual human validation. This blend allows us to achieve industry leading accuracy rates for image capture, indexing information and audit trails

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