Why Moving Office Is The Perfect Time To Scan Your Documents

If you are moving office or are in the process of planning an office move, then you’ve probably got a checklist of things to consider  – location, space, long distance moving trucks, costs, IT, furniture and many other things. 

But what about your documents? Are you really going to pay for someone to transport your filing cabinets and boxes full of folders to a new office? 

Are you aware that your floor space requirements could be significantly reduced by scanning your documents ahead of your office move? Needless to say, monthly rental costs could be significantly reduced with a need for less floor space. 

moving office

This is why moving office is the perfect time to scan your documents. The great thing about scanning your documents ahead of an office move is the speed of payback, often referred to as ROI. In actual fact scanning your documents ahead of moving office can actually pay for itself almost instantly. So why is this?

The greatest reason for this is that you simply don’t need to rent or buy so much floor space. If you calculate how much floor space your documents currently occupy, you’ll find this can easily translate into hundreds or even thousands of pounds per month. The cost of scanning your documents will more than likely be far less than this meaning your return on investment is swift.

Even using some simple maths, if you were to find some rented or managed office space and then find some space in the same building with one more room(for arguments sake this is for your filing cabinets) you can immediately see the monthly difference. Multiply this by 12 and you’ve got a yearly saving – never mind year 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on – the savings just keep increasing month by month. All of a sudden scanning your documents rather than taking them with you starts to look a lot more attractive.

There are many other benefits associated with scanning your documents. So not only will you save floor space, cost and removal efforts, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:


  • Document security is far higher – no risk of theft, data leaks, fire or flood damage
  • Disaster recovery is easy – digital documents can be backed up into the cloud easily
  • Data retention is easy and can be automated
  • Finding documents is quick and easy, keyword search can also be used
  • Sharing files is easy, duplication can be controlled and monitored
  • Environmentally friendly – paper usage is reduced, print and ink  usage can be removed moving forwards

I spoke to an old friend about this recently, he is relevant because he works for Colorado Springs movers and apparently, it has become the rule there, companies are almost unanimously digitizing their paper. Moving forwards it makes sense to keep your documents digital, you certainly don’t want to go back to filing cabinets and folders. This can be achieved using DocuWare – a state of the art electronic document management system. You can scan inbound documents, post and emails straight into digital filing cabinets using your existing multifunction printers or scanners – you can even use a mobile device. Documents can be accessed, routed and work flowed around your company in seconds. On the go, on a tablet, in another country – no problem for DocuWare.

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