Why Security Matters With Outsourced Document Scanning

So you’ve had some quotes in for getting your documents scanned and the cheapest is probably looking the most attractive right now? Price is always important but have you thought about what happens when your precious documents leave your building? Where are they going? Who will be looking at them? How secure is the data? What would happen if the data got into the wrong hands? All of a sudden the price of the job has gone to the back of your mind and the “what ifs” are giving you sleepless nights.

At ORS Group the security of your documents is of paramount importance. We’ve taken significant measures over the years to offer the highest possible security standards for all customers. It’s important to us and we know our customers value this. We even have legal help, you can visit https://www.smithjonessolicitors.co.uk/ if you´re interested in knowing how they help us.

This is what sets us apart from the competition:

Every staff member of ORS Group is DBS checked (previously known as CRB checked). The DBS check reveals details of any convictions, cautions, reprimands and warnings the applicant has received. By running these checks before employing a member of staff we are able to verify that members of staff will be safe to work on sensitive documents.

The vans we use to collect your documents are all GPS(satellite tracked). This means we know exactly where they are, all of the time.

We never outsource work. Most people don’t realise that many scanning bureaus outsource their work to keep staff costs down. This can take on a number of different forms. Often this can mean the documents are sent out to home workers. This is very insecure and means the chances of documents being lost in transport or at the workers home is high. On top of this the data on the documents can be visible to anyone that happens to be around them. In some cases documents can be sent abroad where labour rates are very low – India is a popular destination. Again the risk to the data and chances of documents being lost is very high.

Cameras are banned on our premises, even cameras on smart phones. It seems like a simple idea, but a member of staff with an axe to grind could easily walk away with confidential information if they had a camera at their disposal. At ORS Group we’ve dealt with some of the most sensitive documents imaginable – such things as celebrities medical records and payslips from London’s largest fund managers have all been securely handled by our staff. Just imagine if the information on these files got into the wrong hands or perhaps made it to a tabloid newspaper!

Access to our buildings and rooms within the building is ultra secure. At ORS Group if you don’t need access to a room then you wont be able to get in to it. Our scanning team have no need to enter our data entry room so why let them in? This type of access policy is applied across our entire site, this means as few people as possible will ever handle or view your documents. On top of this you might be surprised to hear our building has no windows on the ground floor(this is where our production facility is). This is an added security measure to keep unwanted eyes and unwanted visitors out.

CCTV is in operation inside and outside at all times. It goes without saying we want to see whats going on outside and also what’s going on inside the building. Documents can be valuable and could have a resale value in the outside world. Having a sophisticated CCTV network acts as a significant deterrent.

So next time you are comparing your quotes, are you comparing apples with apples or apples with pears? Chances are there is a good reason for the difference in the quotes and perhaps now we’ve helped you understand why that might be.

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