X-Files Is Back, But Where Are Mulder’s Files? We Know!

The X-Files made a long awaited return to UK TV last night. Mulder took a trip back to his old office only to find all of his files were missing, but why the surprise Mulder?

Isn’t obvious? Well it is to us! All of his documents and files have been digitised. Its 2016 and the FBI have clearly been through his office and scanned in all of his case files.

Don’t worry Fox, its for the better, there are plenty of benefits – you’ll be looking at all the files on your iPad before the season is out.

So did the FBI get ORS Group to do the scanning work? Unfortunately our contract won’t allow us to comment………….

X-Files - Mulders Empty Office

You can watch the full episode here: http://goo.gl/tIZ5cW


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